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πŸ’› World Mental Health Day πŸ’›

Mental health is so important to talk about and yet it can be so hard! It can feel intimidating to be so open and vulnerable with people but this is how we are going to bring about change! This is how we are going to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health!

I myself suffer from depression that has affected my life in so many ways including jobs, relationships, education and just day to day life! It’s tough!!! I am fortunate that I have a strong support network around le who care for me and love me when I can’t do that myself and I feel so lucky that I have that πŸ’•

Mental health is a never ending battle so please be kind to those you know that are dealing with it. Maybe today reach out and let them know you are there. It’s been a tough year for everyone and possibly more so for those who struggle with mental health issues.

Wee Bit Of This And That will always be a small place on the internet where I want people to be open and free to talk about anything and mental health is one of those topics.

With this all in mind I am offering 15% of my therapy journals today. Designed with lots of help from a friend this book is completely customisable to suit you! A place to log your feeling, track you thoughts and a way to deal with negative thoughts πŸ’­ I will happily design new pages specific to your needs if that’s what you need πŸ’›

For the 15% off use the code MENTALHEALTHDAY20

Big love to you all πŸ’›

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